September 8th, 2001


Notes From The Road

Well, here I am in Orlando, trying to deal with my family. 5 minutes off the plane, Mom's already trying to get me to fix her computer (which, come to find out, is the oldest working machine I have seen in a long wonder they wanted to be faster on the 'Net, they were playing with a Pentium 1, 32 Megs RAM, and a 14.4 data/fax modem).Now I've spent the whole time trying to get it working properly (got them a NEW machine, but it's bundled with Windows ME...ewwww).

Anyway, I need to go see my other grandmother today, and then I plan on doing as little as possible. I'l post my road notes as soon as I get back to Seattle (or maybe late tonight, if I can't sleep.
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    my grandfather cleaning around the pool outside

One Quick Update

Oh, I'll post more about it when I drop in my road notes, but there are a few people who will prolly want to hear this...


She said it.

I'm not sure I've ever felt this good...and this sad at leaving somewhere. The next year better pass fast.