September 14th, 2001


Personal Annoyance

OK, the damn terrorist attacks have finally affected me directly. Due to the flight and delivery problems, my paycheck is not here today. This is SO not cool.

Osama Bin Laden, your days shoudl be numbered...preferably small numbers.

You know what cracks me up? The pix of Yassir Arafat giving blood. Don't get me wrong, I'm proud of the man, and it makes me respect him that much more...but he's just getting so old, it looks silly. Or maybe I'm just a sick fuck.

I need a new pillow, damn it. My neck is killing me. I woke up this morning unable to move my head.

Thank the Goddess for the weekend. I'm going out to Whidby Island and get away from the world. Y'all play nice until I get back.
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Thoughts From The Mind Of Klayton

Read this, and see if you can figure out why I like my friend Klayton so much:

"Well folks, they've been saying "God Bless America" for years and now he has. Just look what his faithful servants did in NYC and DC. Look at the havoc his servants played on our nation and the world. This calls for one thing, not a war on terrorism, but a war on organized religion. This was the work of lunatics who were not drunk with anti-American sentiment but high on mythology. Just call it "Faith-based Justice." These people are no worse than any domestic fundamentalists, they just choose to call the same God by a different name. Their steadfastness in their belief that they have acted in accordance with the will of God is no more insane than any hatred spewed from the mouth of any American evangelist. Forget terrorism. It's the symptom, not the disease. We must go after the illness causing the symptom and that illness, that plague, is organized religion."

K-Dogg, you rock. Best of luck in Atlanta. The rest of you yahoos need to peep his Road Trip Notes
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