September 18th, 2001


Weird Dreams, and More Thoughts On The World Situation

I had a seriously fucked up dream last night, involving millions of frogs and trying to find someone. Yeesh. it was like a bad 80's creature flick starring Shatner.

Being horny and alone in public sucks.

And, that being said, the remainder of this message is a rant that I shall shorten for the benefit of the masses who don't want to see me go off...Collapse )
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Mixed Personalities

nanobotsgod: ya know, you have one hell of an ugly icon there
Chaos Blackflame: is it the firey red guy? I need to change that
nanobotsgod: yea it is he's ugly i changed it to uncle sam just so i wouldnt have to look at it and i figured if you know your icon was uncle sam you would be busting your butt to come up with a better one
Chaos Blackflame: there
Chaos Blackflame: it's changed
Chaos Blackflame: I swear
nanobotsgod: hasnt asked me to accept one yet
Chaos Blackflame: it will
nanobotsgod: oh is that the best you can do? you are *so* still uncle sam
Chaos Blackflame: hmmm...ok....
Chaos Blackflame: there
nanobotsgod: ok lets see
nanobotsgod: nadda yet
Chaos Blackflame: it'll be there
nanobotsgod: .
nanobotsgod: .
nanobotsgod: .
nanobotsgod: .
Chaos Blackflame: eh?
nanobotsgod: nope
Chaos Blackflame: weird...well, it's a crucified AIM buddy...better?
nanobotsgod: hmm i dont know , can i just call you sam now,
Chaos Blackflame: hmmm...I dunno, I'd have to get something in return to answer to Sam...
nanobotsgod: like what? a t shirt?
Chaos Blackflame: I dunno...I just don't think I could answer to 'Sam' for, call me Vincent' all you want.
nanobotsgod: hahaha
nanobotsgod: no way its not that easy , sam,
Chaos Blackflame: I don't know who you are talking to.....
Chaos Blackflame: Wait...
nanobotsgod: i know you can hear me
Chaos Blackflame: if I'm Sam, can I just then admit "I Want You"?
nanobotsgod: um, no, nah i dont think so , that would be silly, i mean from a guy named sam? get serious
Chaos Blackflame: Oh, c' cannot deny the charisma of Sam
nanobotsgod: watch me
Chaos Blackflame: Ah, but I'm not REALLY's a ruse.
nanobotsgod: you're not????????
Chaos Blackflame: nope. It's just an excuse to say "I Want You"
Chaos Blackflame: I'm too shy to do it otherwise
nanobotsgod: so this sam persona is kinda an extrovert huh? ou think i will be safe going to a show with you or would we
have to deal with this sam charcture?
Chaos Blackflame: Well, Sam isn't a bigger extrovert than me, he just says that a lot, so I used it. But yeah, I think
you';ll be safe, TKK's not Sam's kinda show
Chaos Blackflame: the qwuestion you have to now ask is whether or not you're safe going with ME.


Molly, you are too much fun, sometimes...
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Double Trouble

You ever know someone that you like, but somehow you also don't? Like, they are fine in small doses, but you wouldn't want to be around them too much? That's my friend Victoria. Victoria is Russian, originally, and I'm not sure how long she has been here, but has no accent. Thin, pretty, self-confident, kinda manic at times, used to work up here in my office, but is now elsewhere. Models sometimes.

In small doses, she can be a walking riot, as she runs off on tangents, makes fun of people around her, and generally is a smartass. Goddess knows, too, that caliban and I can make her fall apart laughing. And it's just a party in the making. But then, after a while around her, it starts getting grating. All the making fun of people gets old, especially when she makes sure they can hear it. She hardly eats, but drinks coffee as much as she breathes (which explains a lot of the manic end of things, as well as the fact that she's just shy of 6 feet tall, but weighs MAYBE 98 pounds soaking wet with rocks in her pockets). She refuses to come out to the apartment, because she will meet Steph, and she doesn't like her (even though she has never met her). The fact is she doesn't seem to care about anyone else around, as long as she gets what she wants...a couple examples:

Yesterday: She came up here as Eric and I got off work, and begged and wheedled us to go with her to get some folder she left at a previous job interview, and then go with her to another one. I didn't really want to go, but I didn't have anything else to immediately do, plus I had no other ride home. This was 3pm. At 9pm, we were back in the parking lot, dropping her off at her car, and she was trying to get us to come to Denny's for coffee. Now, Eric goes down there almost every night for her, but he was actually a little tired, and I was ready for the comforts of my own home. So, after 45 minutes of standing around, we finally left for home. She gave us shit about it; goodnaturedly, but still...there is such a thing as a joke being taken too far.

Today: As I am leaving the building for lunch, there she is, Eric just saying goodbye. She asks if I am going to lunch, and whisks me off to the nearby mall. We talked, I ate (she drank more coffee), and she made snide comments about all kinds of people, to the point of leaning over to these three kids at the next table as we were leaving (baggy pants Gen X types), and informs them, quite plainly, that they need to go buy a brain. We head out, stopping for MORE coffee, and she stomps her foot loud enough to scare one woman, then walks right up the counter and demands coffee, even though there is someone else waiting at the counter already. Yeesh.

Then, driving me back to the office, she not only almost head-on collides with another car, but she comes damn near close to killing some guy on a bike. Both of these instances are blatantly her fault, and merely the case of her not watching or not caring what she is doing; in both cases she gets annoyed with the other person.

I dunno, but I think I'm glad that I am not trying to date her, fuck her, or even be around her that much.
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Recently Discovered Modified Work

So I'm out smoking, and one of the Supers asks me about the Playbook Project. For those who don't know, Playbook is EarthLink's internal website (no, you guys can't get there), and the customer service section of it (my division) is out of date, so a select few of us are recoding it. Needless to say, this means that A)most people don't have any idea WHAT I am doing everyday, and B)the few that do are making requests of me everyday for stuff they want on it. ANYWAY...this supervisor starts asking me if we are going to add this or that, and then goes on to tell me about a link sent out by the project head, wanting people's input on it, and how she hates certain aspects of it. After a couple minutes, I realize she is referring to the section I got done with right before I left for vacation! Add to that, some of the things she is referring to, I DIDN'T PUT IN IT!

We get back inside, I ask her to send me that link, and when I look at it, there is my work, modified and slightly changed. Unfortunately, the changes are such that the javascript popups no longer pop up where they are supposed to, and the color scheme is hideous, since some colors were changed and others not. Long story short, it sucks.

Now I know I was gone. And I know that these things happen in a corporate structure. But to not even tell me (and I had been working on it for several weeks) that the scheme I had programmed would be changed, and then to change it but not correctly and not tell me when I returned, that's just wrong. A lot of work went into that. Honestly, if I wasn't trying to use this project to try and go on to better things in the company (or elsewhere), I'd prolly just not try too hard to get the rest of it done, or put much quality work into it.

I'm pissed right now. And this is on top of finding out that the Nick Cave show was cancelled. Glad I'm going home in a few minutes...
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