September 24th, 2001


R'lyeh, The Jewel of The South Seas

Not much to talk about this morning. Stayed up late transferring files around the Net, took me forever, but it's just one of those things. Pretty boring weekend all around, spent half of it cleaning my fucking apartment...and thus begins this week's episode of 'What Annoys Frank':

OK, I'm not a neat freak, by a long shot. However, I *DO* like to keep things at least RELATIVELY straight. This includes things like dishes (should at least be in the sink), food (should not be left out, especially with a cat running around), trash (should be put in a bag somewhere, if not in the trashcan), and countertops (should be at least wiped off when you make something and drip or whatever). My house has been a wreck lately, and that's not surprising, since I get home, and wanna relax, eat, etc. I'm sure Eric is the same way, and he goes out more than i do (not having a car makes it harder for me). Stephanie keeps weird hours. And lately, there's Gallagher, on the couch, with no personal space. So I've been letting it go. But I got to working on the house this weekend, and did the kitchen separately, because it took so much work. Stuff on the floor, mounds of trash, dishes out, spills on the counter and floor, uneaten chicken just left around (which explains why my cat puked on my desk I have to mop the floor tonight. And no one lifted a finger to help. Hell, Steph and Gallagher are the only ones to have even USED the kitchen in a week or more, it should have been them to do it anyway. But, no, I did it, because I was getting sick of seeing it, and my hints didn't prove fruitful. I even made a point of commenting that it was done, hoping to show that it was a wreck...and this morning, there is coffee spillage already. WTF?!? How hard is it to grab the sponge and wipe, even once? Well, some people just don't care, I guess, and as confrontational as I am, I just can't seem to make this kind of point stick well with friends. Oh well, I'll deal. I usually do.

Oh, one interesting thing. Talking to Heidi yesterday, she basically gave me permission to fool around while she was gone. Now, those that know me know how funny this is. I'm not the kind of person that could do this. As it was put to me at some point in the past, I'm "monogamous to a fault". Hell, my ex-fiancee and I had a time when we could not have sex at all, due to some medical conditions, and she begged (yes, BEGGED) me to find a mistress, and I couldn't bring myself to do it. But I digress. Heidi tells me that she knows I am the kind of person that can separate love and sex, and she knows she has no worries of losing me, which is completely true. Therefore, if the 'need' strikes me, it's OK if I get some.

*LOL* If only I could bring myself to take advantage of that.
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So things aren't so bad...

Didn't get the kitchen I'm lazy, so what? I'm in a slightly better mood. Gonna go play Nocturne until I can't see straight. Well, almost...if I wait that long, I'll prolly forget to put the rats back in their cage and then wake up to them running over m ein the middle of the night, which I don't need.

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