September 27th, 2001



Wow, almost 5:00 and I'm just now posting...weird.

Not that much has been happening to day, just been fooling around a lot at work...yay...

One really cool thing did happen last night. I got to talk to hazeleyedgal_25 last night, and had a fun, if short convo (damn cell phone batteries! LOL). Anyway, it was cool to finally put a voice to the face, and I look forward to next time, especially when it's because she came down to hang out!

One more really cool thing did happen today, I got hold of an old friend from the WebGoths days, Lady Raven. She and I are a lot alike, and it makes for a lot of fun convo, and a lot of open, honest talk as well, and that's EXACTLY what I need, especially lately. So, this is a big ol' HELLO to Lady Raven!

Well, not much else to say...boring ol' least I have my phone call with Heidi to look forward to. That always pumps me up...
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