September 28th, 2001


So, Here We Go

Yep, I've put it off all month...time to actually talk to (l)users. Sheesh. I can only hope that things work out well, and maybe I'll KEEP not taking calls for even longer.

Oh, thanks to hazeleyedgal_25 for hooking me up to a test to determine my Theme Song:

Born to Be Wild

You are a mad man and your theme song is "Born to be Wild." You're the guy most likely to run out on the baseball diamond during a rain delay or bang on the penalty box at a hockey game. Either way, when your mug comes on the Jumbotron, the crowd goes nuts. Whether it's bungee jumping off a bridge, or ducking the ropes at a ski resort, you throw caution to the wind—or so it seems to others. But you know that it's not danger that you crave, but the excitement that comes with challenging your fears. That's why you've got no problem asking a total stranger to dance. You are an instant party, and your friends love you for the risks you take, because whether you show it or not, you're pretty much in control when you take them. So full speed ahead as you take the world in a love embrace. You know your birthright and Steppenwolf helps take you there.

*G*...I can deal with that.
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So What?

Chaos is happy.

Chaos is still at work.

Chaos is STONED.

Chaos's friend Molly is very nice sometimes....
(, you perverts, not THAT nice!)

And now, from meowlet,
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