October 9th, 2001


And While We're On The Subject....

Let's see...what's happening to me lately?

Well, those what know me know that I was in a very rotten mood swing yesterday...it's just shy of going away, i can feel it, and that makes things better. My sincere thanks to nysidra, ravenlace, and of course, my darling Heidi for their help and understanding...love ya all!

My mega-congratulations go out to rayce and violetvixen on their job gain-age! I know it will make life so much better all around for ya!

Came up with one of the oddest things artisically that I have ever thought of, but I have gotten good responses from the people I told about it (only 2). Only difference is I don't think I'll use myself as the model...

I started looking at bands looking for singers last night. I still need a damn car, but maybe I can get the ball rolling...I can hope...
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Late Night Thoughts

OK, so it's not that late...sue me.

I want to send my thoughts out to ravenlace, knowing that things aren't a bowl of cherries right now. You know I don't do a lot of praying ro anything like that, but Jeff is in my thoughts for you nonetheless. I'd be there to hug you if I could...

Dammit, I bit my lip a couple weeks back or so, and it still hasn't healed! This is prolly because I keep fucking with it, and since the sore spot sticks out a little, I've RE-BITTEN it like 4 times...FUCK!

Some one told me, a long time ago, that women find you even more attractive when you are taken (this was a woman that told me this). That's just cold...you're taken, and NOW they show interest. How unfair is that? As a guy, you spend half your damn time trying to get a woman to look at you as more than a 'friend', and they just lollygag their way around, but the instant you can't do anything about it, they are all over you, telling you that they'd love to be with you, you're sexy, they want you...damn...ok, I'm done with that. I'm mostly just kidding anyway. Mostly. *G*

Believe it or not, I'm FINALLY in the midst of the full overhaul of my 'work' website. I've only been saying that it needs it for a year...javascript menus, full popup examples, better navigation. Hopefully I'll have new artwork for it in the near future.

I hate being broke. I hate being depressed. Both at once is MAJOR SUCKAGE. Good thing the depression is passing.

I have to get off my ass and finish planning the new games...and actually get people to play. I miss having my regular game group...long live the Worshippers Of The Wraithcouch!

My thanks to nysidra for the new tiger icon!

Well, enough of this. Off to play some more MDK2...
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