October 11th, 2001


Late Night Laughter

So I get home from work yesterday, and rayce is sitting on my couch, playing Soul Blade, and getting laughingly frustrated witha particular fight. Stephanie (01flux) is giggling about it, and I end up counseling them on the game, and Eric (caliban) on HIS game. That's me, the Game Guru.

Well, I'm told we are going to coffee, but that doesn't happen, because Eric's not feeling too hot. I go into the back, and turn on Plasma Sword (thank you Steph!), and he wanders back. Well, we get to laughing, because so many of the characters are just silly (including one whose 'throw' is to pin the other character on the ground and spank them...I'm not kidding). This draws the girls' attention. OK, so no coffee, Steph and Rayce decide they are gonna do some photos after seing my bed (the four-poster with the camo netting). They ask me if I am gonna mind too good looking women frolicking in my bed. Yeah, THAT took some thought to answer...Well, that didn't happen either, but Rayce comes back and wants to play, so we fought back and forth for a while until both of us were suffering from Video Gamer's Hand (you know, the thumbs go numb, the arm hurts...). Eric crashed out, but the rest of us sat upo until 3 in the morning talking and laughing. At one point, Rayce mentions her elbow is really bothering her, and we started to laugh because of the motion she made with her arm and my comment about that sucks because that's the masturbation hand. Well, this led to us deciding she had a bad case of 'Whack Arm', or better yet, 'Penis Elbow'

Much merriment was had by all...hope your shoot goes well today, Rayce!!!
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I just discovered something today that will kick so much ass if it happens. I'm loathe to say what, on the off chance that it attract more Seattle peeps (sorry guys, it's limited), but after it happens, I'll say what it was, I promise.

nysidra, doll, fear not. Just remember, all the world leaders really do in any given day is try to make sure they have the biggest dick, and sometimes they argue. As soon as they establish the truth, the country wil be back to only really caring who gets kicked out in the latest episode of 'Survivor'.
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