October 15th, 2001


Mucho Happy...If A Bit Loopy

Well, kids...after a day and a half of coding, rewriting, and generally typing like a madman, I've done it. I finally got off my ass and overhauled the graphics website! So, I'm proud to announce the grand unveiling of <a href="http://ccreations.darkgod.net>DarkGod Studios v3.0</a>! Yeah, yeah, it's about fuckin' time...and it only took me most of the damn weekend and 2 extra-strength hospital grade Vicoden to get done (no, I'm not a drug-head, that was years ago, but it did make it easier to focus and stay on track...better living through chemistry). Guess I should start on the personal site now...at least that's be a smaller site!
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Sure, Why Not?

(courtesy of burningheart)

current mood: Somewhat awake
current music: None, didn't bring any to work today
current taste: Coppery (bit my lip)
current hair: Brushed back, but did shave part of my beard last night
current dress: Long-sleeve yellow shirt, ripped off jeans, sandals
current grievance: Databases suck
current annoyance: Slow network
current smell: Hot lamp
current stupid musing: 'What am I gonna do with my personal website?'
current longing: Food
current game: MDK2
current thing I ought to be doing: Working
current windows open: PAL, Bad Juju Lounge LJ Community, E-Mail. AIM, Trillian, messenger windows, and 3 databases
current desktop picture: Charon, the ferryman, in underground vaults
current favorite artist: H. R. Giger
current favorite group: Darkest Of The Hillside Thickets
current book: The Source: Necroscope 3 by Brian Lumley
current CDs in stereo: Nickelback-Silver Side Up, Nickelback-The State, Dick Dale & hid Del-Tones-King of the Surf Guitar, ICP-Bizaar, ICP-Bizzar, Bond-Born
current DVD in player: No DVD player
current color of toenails: None
current earrings: Didn't wear one today
current refreshment: Water
current worry: Money, as always
current malicious intent: I plead the 5th...
current misguided opinion: Can't think of any that are misguided
current crush: I still plead the 5th...
current favorite (semi) celebrity: Doug Bradley
current time wasting wish: Game players
current hate: Isolation