October 16th, 2001


Todaaaaay.....aw, fuck it.

First off, I want to wish hazeleyedgal_25 a VERY Happy Birthday, and Many Happy Returns. Guess I'll have to call her voicemail and sing to her....*g*

Also, my mind and enegies go out to ouchouch...my e-mail says everything.

Not much else to say at the moment. discordian tells me today that Alice is pouring out her side of the 'story' to him, and honestly, I've come to realize that I no longer care. She's an obnoxiously self-centered little girl, and she's no longer a part of my life. I tried, and got nothing. Can't win them all.

My back hurts.
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Just got news of an unfortunate and uncool nature. corachaos, one of the first people on here that I started reading, and certainly the first that I added to my friends list that I didn't already know somehow, is deleting her journal. :(

Apparently, it's due to something personal, so I didn't probe further...but that sucks. A journal full of wisdom, humour, intelligence, and philosophy, it has been one of my absolute favorites since I began on LJ, and now it will be gone. Well, FUCK.

I understand, things have to happen, and so I don't fault the action in the least. My best and fondest wishes go out to you, darlin', for a speedy resolution of whatever is causing you distress. And I certainly hope to see you back, or at least keep up with you through the aether occasionally.

I miss ya, hun. Until we talk again...
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