October 20th, 2001


I Should Have Known

So, in preparation for this evening, I grabbed a bottle of rum, a bottle of port, and quick-cleaned the apartment, even got all the trash out and did dishes (goddess, I can be domestic sometimes). The plan, as I understood it, was that Eric was going to meet up with Victoria, and then he was headed down into the city, and then we would pick up Jayne on his way back.

Well, I finally called, since it was one in the morning, to see what kind of ETA we were looking at. Come to find out, he was at a party, and said that Jayne had never called him. Unfortunately, it was he that was supposed to call Jayne and let her know when he was coming to pick her up. Needless to say, this means that my plans for the evening are not happening.

Hell's bells.

Well, that's usually what happens when I try to plan anything, it dies. I should have known better than to try and plan something that would make me incredibly happy. I think it's time to go make myself a very stiff drink or 6 and pass out. And for those of you who know what my drinks are like, I do mean STIFF.

Oh, one good note, so I can end this post on a good note: looks like I am going to go to the zHouse Halloween party after all. I hadn't planned on going, actually, but Jayne thought it sounded cool, and said if I went, she'd go with me. Well, that's an offer I cannot refuse.
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Didn't sleep well, even for being drunk. Ended up on the phone with someone until 4 in the morning, doing computer tech-y things, most of which I don't really remember now, nor really care about, because the situation was stupid. Just sitting here, not even dressed yet, and knowing that I'll be at Thane's at some point today to burn his drives down and reinstall his OS, all while drinking Tarantula. Also have to get down to The Showbox to get Nickelback tickets.

Jayne? Sorry about last night. I assume by now that Eric called you and apologized. I, for one, had been really looking forward to it. Wanna try again? Call me, lemme know: 425-750-6213.
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Drunken Tech

Doesn't6 that sound like the next generation of martial arts film? *LMAO*

So here I am, doing tequila shots, fixing a computer, and wishing I was in the presence of a particular person. We had to wipe the drive and completely reinstall fucking everything. Joy.

I hear there's a party tonight...that might be cool...we'll see.
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