November 4th, 2001


Booze In The Woods

Well, yesterday was at interesting. Went and bought an optical scrollwheel mouse for the Magdalene, which I love. Also finally got my new printer, so i spent the morning geeked out. Afterwards, I went and saw 'The One'...hoo-ah! If you like action films or just Jet Li, I HIGHLY recommend it!

As for later, caliban and I were recruited to head into the mountains to help rayce with a photoshoot, and met leenerella, who was the star of the night. Well, long story short, we got there later than planned, and so had no light to do the woodland shots that were planned, but we did get some beautiful shots of Leeny's fireplay, and some fun candid stuff as well...since we spent the best part of the night sitting around a fire, drinking, telling jokes and stories, and just generally hanging out like a bunch of old was fun, and exactly what I needed. Woods, beer and friends, both old and new...I'm in a very, very good mood right now.

To my friends, both old and just met within the last 24's to you all!
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Seattle Sunday

Amazingly, it's still a good day. Weekends have this tendency to shift on me, I dunno why. Any given day will either start badly, but end well, or vice versa. Kinda nice for a change.

Anything I'm doing is getting done. Anything I'm looking for, I'm finding. It's raining. Viva Seattle.

Oh, caliban's machine shattered a CD...but that's not mine. Me and 01flux think it's a riot. We're considering a combined tech/exorcism later.
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