November 10th, 2001


*insert boffo title here*

Damn VH-1, for doing a 'top eighty of the 80's' marathon last night...I sat there for 5 straight hours, singing along with every fucking song (some of you won't be surprised by this). Needless to say, this meant I went to bed at like 4am.

Not sure how this weekend is gonna go. I can feel a mood swing coming on. Prolly just as well that I don't have any plans, since I'd be breaking them. Fuck, I hate this. It's gotten better in the last 9 months or so, but it still hits occasionally.

Oh well...turn up the stereo, drown out the world.
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    The Smithereens - Only A Memory

Good Day

I'm in a surprisingly good mood. Goddess smiled upon me, it seems, and sent me just enough cool stuff to get me past what turned out to be only a minor mood shift.

Let's see. I finished the Hellraiser theme, just need to make a tiny tweak to it...should be available for download tomorrow.

My scanner came in the mail today, so I now have one more thing that I have wanted for a long time. The Magdalene now has eyes to go with her hands.

Got a letter in the mail today that I was waiting for...very cool artwork from nysidra...and speaking of Bianca...

She volunteered to work setup and security for an on-campus show, a band playing who she has never heard of. However, I mentioned that I happened to like them...and I've just been informed that I am the owner of a shirt AUTOGRAPHED BY THE BAND SR-71...Kick Ass! Hun, you're the GREATEST!
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    SR-71 - Right Now