November 14th, 2001


Yo-A-O, Crowm Bar Ay, Yo-A-Rah, Sharom Brunun G...

OK, first and foremost, even though he's not saying much, I have to wish Many Happy Returns to caliban...we'll add a toast to you in this weekend's little shindig.

Speaking of this weekend, if you are one of those that is coming to my house Friday night for 'Bad Movies and Booze: The End of 2001', please do remember that it's BYOB...I'm supplying movies, space, and at least half the pizza, but my booze is my booze.

I don't know how many of you watch 'Lexx', on the Sci-Fi Channel, but me, I'm hooked, have been for a while. All this week, they've been showing the original movies, so I'm getting more than my fix on, to say the least. I've been walking around for 3 days, singing the 'Brunun G' song...yeesh.
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I did this once, a long time ago, but at the time had very few people watching my journal, and got no response, but I want to try again...this was stolen originally from corachaos, who I am VERY glad to see back online (*huhz darlin'!*):

Ask me one question, any question, and I will answer it, BUT, I get to ask one in return, which you must answer.