November 27th, 2001


Morning Lyrics

Running rampant through my addled brain today:

"Since you went away, dear, I'm weeping in my bed,
I find it hard to handle, now that you're dead,
Oh, please come back from the grave, life without you's tough,
I have to see you die again 'cause once was not enough..."
-- Travis Shredd, "C'mon Back (So's I Can Kill You)"

My mind is a scary place sometimes...

Back To The Grind

Well, at least I feel better this morning. Still didn't get to bed when I said I was going, but that's OK, it was for a good cause. annathema667 called me last night, wondering if I had heard from alicynx, and I ended up online, a bunch of us worried about her. Well, I'm not going into detail, but I'm sorta being a mentor to her through a rough time right now, so we are all hoping for the best. Alicyn, darlin', be strong...and call me.

I think I annoyed someone, recently, by a somewhat careless and not-well-thought-out comment. For that, I am truly sorry. Thank you corpsephucker, for forgiving me.
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Y'know, being a 'gentleman' is more work than you would think, especially being a Southern one. It takes a lot of commitment, and constant thought. And it gets tiring. There are many times that I get really annoyed with my Southern upbringing, and times that I just want to stop trying, stop caring, and be the selfish asshole that I know it would be easier to be.

And then someone smiles at me. And I'm glad I am the way I am.
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Goddess Above, Here I Go Again...

You know, I know better than this. i know I need to just shut up sometimes. But if there's one thing that really gets my Scottish up, it's closed-minded people, mindlessly spouting off about how 'evil' something is, when in reality it's basically innocuous, and they back it all up by quoting their religion at me.

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Top Eleven Signs That You're A Fluffy Bunny Pagan

In the spirit of fairness, Allow me to prove that I truly make fun of everyone and everything...including myself sometimes...

11. You believe that magic is the end all be all of life.
10. You have more crystals in your house than furniture.
9. The image of the Goddess on your altar is the latest Barbie Doll.
8. You have pink satin pentagram pillows all over your house
7. You greet fellow pagans with "Rainbow Bright-Blessings!"
6. Your Tarot cards have pictures of Puppies and Kittens on the back side.
5. You use your Majorette Twirling Baton as your athame.
4. You have a stuffed "Fenris Wolf" plush toy on your bed.
3. You continuously toss your head and shriek "Oh, my Goddess!"
2. You think that "C & A" stands for "Cookies and Apple Juice."

...and the number one sign that you are a Fluffy Bunny Pagan:
1. Instead of ritually invoking the God and Goddess, you invoke Barney and Baby Bop.
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Captain Christian, Part the Second

Well, our friend eyesofdavid and I had a wonderful conversation for a nice chunk of the evening. So nice, in fact, that David decided it was too beautiful to keep, and, like any good christian, let it go free. Me, though, I like memories; I like being able to look back over the things I love. So, I thought you guys might also like to see what he had to say...
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