November 29th, 2001


Yes...Baby Rats

I tried getting a picture or two last night, of all 8 of the little bastards in my hands, but the camera wasn't pointed quite right, so no dice. I did salvage this one, though, which is the only all-black one of the bunch (the rest are black and white).

You know, I debated saying nothing, because I know he hates it, but this is me, and I can't. Happy Birthday, discordian. Be safe, stay cool, and know that I love you, brother.
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Score One For The Home Team!

You know, sometimes, when you are getting down, just something funny or something completely unexpected can shake you just right.

Well, this doesn't work when I get down. Normally.

However, just as I'm thinking about heading to bed, because, frankly, I wasn't in a good mood, I go to check my e-mail, and I'm looking over LJ comments, and 01flux mentions something that just made me laugh, so much, that I was instantly happier.

eyesofdavid went and deleted his whole JOURNAL.

Now, I'm not saying I wished for it. I'm still not wishing bad on him. I desire only the happiest of lives for him. But I will admit that I think this is a riot. Even if I had nothing to do with this, it feels good anyway. His type think they run the world, and that they have the right to tell everyone else how wrong they are. Well, guess what? I'm not wrong. I'm me, and I like me...and if you think I'm wrong, that's fine. Have the balls to back it up.

If not, fuck off.
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Score Another For The Home Team!

My powers are occasionally beyond belief...

discordian: Keep your fingers, toes, eyes, and whatever else you can manage, crossed.
archmage: If I have 2 of something, with a notable exception, I'll cross them for you.
discordian: My friend...
discordian: pat yourself on the back.
archmage: ?
discordian: The first time you have gotten a full snarf out of me.
archmage: SCORE!!!!!!!!!
discordian: Red Bull.. all over the keyboard!!
discordian: From 3K miles away.
archmage: *fell out of chair*
archmage: hee hee
discordian: And let me tell you... wasabi eat your heart out... this shit clears your nasal passages like you would NOT believe.
archmage: well, my day is definitely ending on a high note
discordian: Uhm... glad to be of service?
archmage: *still wiping tears out of my eyes*
discordian: you and me both.
discordian: mine are mostly from pain though.
archmage: LMAO
discordian: *caugh... choke choke*
archmage: You gonna live?
discordian: Oh yeah. If only to laugh about this next year.
archmage: Good, because if I don't stop laughing, I may not.
archmage: NOTHING for days will compare to that.
discordian: *LOL*
discordian: I wish I had the camera on.
archmage: Prolly good you didn't...if I got a vidcap of that, I'd use it. Maliciously.
discordian: And I would expect nothing less from you.
discordian: Nor would I hold it against you.
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