December 1st, 2001


"Oh, The Humanity!"

Well, looks like the 'War Of The Goons' has died down, which is fine. It was swell, but the swelling has gone down. Couple notable footnotes to it, though:

-- discordian posted a rant about it in the linux community about how people like antisense make it even harder for Linux to gain the respect it deserves. And, as geeks are wont to do, the opinions on it ranged from 'Kick Ass' to 'Chill Out'.

-- My 'Linux=Chritianity' argument is spreading. nighthawk mentioned it in his journal, and shortly thereafter skreidle posted it in his own journal, and then re-posted it in the welovegeeks community. You both kick ass, and are defintely in my cool book! I am simultaneously surprised and not surprised by the fact that while some see the humour in it, there are some hardcore linux-types who are actually debating the validity of the comparison, or trying to clarify minor aspects of it. Christ on a bun with tartar sauce,'s humour! Laugh occasionally, it helps...and make sure you laugh at yourself at LEAST half the time.

-- Lastly, I've become someone's hero, for the moment, anyway. *G*, antiscout, you are all right! Allow me to add you to my coterie, and welcome you to the the fight against rigidity! Dogma be damned!

Oh, and this is directed mostly to discordian, sylvaine2001, and priestofcards, I'm regaining my quasi-urban legend status. I almost feel like my old self again...
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And The Hits Just Keep On Coming...*LMAO*

I truly believe that if there is anyone to feel sorry for on this planet, it HAS to be antisense. Not only did he try to post an anonymous comment in my journal, but repeated himself from an open comment earlier (not only proving who it was, but showing a marked lack of creativity), he then pops up on AIM this evening...this is rich...

thyl4c1n3: ah the truly ridiculous appears
*Note: I've been logged on for a couple hours...'appears'?!?
Chaos Blackflame: Greetings, my friend
thyl4c1n3: "chaos balckflame" so ridiculous its not even pretentious anymore!
Chaos Blackflame: never was.
thyl4c1n3: I am chaos black flame lord of the playground!
thyl4c1n3: fear my dice rolling !
Chaos Blackflame: you are a true you employ a third grader to sit next to you and come up with this stuff?
Chaos Blackflame: LOL
thyl4c1n3: nothing is more pathetic than an adult who plays role playing games past the age of 17
thyl4c1n3: true loserdom is yours
Chaos Blackflame: Well, I suppose that could be seen that way...but not as pathetic as someone who is even older and still calls people 'tard boy', eh?
*** Error while sending IM: Not logged on

Yup...after hurling his little taunts, he logs back off. Fly away, little, fly, fly...
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