December 4th, 2001


The Gods Do Not Want Eric To Have A Car

So, as i mentioned yesterday, Eric's car died. No power. We went and bought a new battery, and got power, lights, etc...but it still won't start, which is when Eric remembers that it has been acting funny. So we push-start the thing (thank goddess it's a stick-shift), get it running, and start to head out. It's cold, though, so it doesn't wanna shift. Stop and let it warm up, it doesn't wanna shift into gear now, clutch won't even engage. Long and short of it, we go for a drink (or three) whiole waiting for wayren and scurvykat to come pick us up and take us home. Thank you a million times over, guys, I really do appreciate it!

But we ended on a good note. Arriving home, I find my house full of people, which I always like. steveness shows up with Jenn, Richard, and lo and behold, the inimitable meowlet, who I have wanted to meet for a long time. I thought she looked familiar, and it was a fun introduction. Kat, you have a standing invite to show up anytime!

Ended the night by wrapping steveness in green cling-film, before they went for coffee (I'd love to have gone, but I had to catch the early bus this morning, and it was already 2am...(*sigh*)). Collapse )
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I'm so fucking tired at the moment. I shouldn't be, but I am. Guess I've been pushing myself more lately than I thought...*G*, gee, I must be happy...

Seriously sucks, though...I have no urge to help anyone or do anything. I think I might try to con work into giving me the second half of the day for webwork. Cross your fingers for me!
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Now I see that there is an online test that tells you WHICH online test you are most like....eek.

"Fuck! I Bleed!"
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Fuck Them All

And so, in another display of typical Amerikan stupidity, violent video games are being implicated in a child's death. First of all, the shot came because the older child screwed up, pulling the gun away from his little brother. But let's ignore that. Yeah...and let's not blame the guy who keeps his gun where an 8-year old can get it...and who doesn't know to always check the chamber...and who never thought to teach his kids gun safety, and respect...or thought to discipline them properly...or the mother who left them, it's obviously the GAME'S fault. Fuckers. I'm gonna have fun playing Unreal Tournament, and Thief, and Quake, and Nocturne, and anything else I can find involving death, and then I'm gonna get me some payback on EVERYONE that ever pissed me off...and blame it on the games.

Oh, and let's add some more stupidity, as long as I'm on a roll. This site has a HUGE list of music stars, they age they died, and why...and is apparently trying to prove that rock'n'roll is sin, and one of the ways to Hell (Didn't we already know that? Right after sex and drugs?). It then goes on to ask if you wanna accept JC as your Holy Boy...go ahead, say no. You'll get another long, rambling invective about how you really SHOULD let JC fuck up your life, and then will ask you again (what is this, the Inquisition? What a show!). Say no again, this gets even better. Wow, now you get a wonderful description of Hell, as told by those who must have been there and should have's just so vivid. Now, here is the BEST part, the part that puts a tear in my eye. In the midst of this page is an "article appeared in the well respected Finland newspaper, Ammenusastia". Yes, it's stupid, and there is a very good reason for this. I happen to think that the Weekly World News is a riot, and used to read it weekly, religiously, without fail. And I remember this article clearly! Yep, they are proving there point by lying and using the worst kind of made up TRIPE you can find. Hell, it's supposedly from a Finnish newspaper...why is it in ENGLISH?!? *LMAO*


Oh, just dawned on me! I've officially sinned on all the levels needed for the cliche! I've orgied, had a coke habit, and been in a band! Sex, Drugs and Rock'N'Roll, baby! Woo!
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There's just something nice about having someone walk up to you and hand you $500...

...and yes, it's all spoken for. (*sigh*) But it still feels good.
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