December 7th, 2001


Friday...Eat It Up,Baby!

Well, this is, so far, an excellent Friday.

-Noticed last night that Chris finally came and got the Buick, so MAYBE (Goddess forbid!) I'll have a working car by sometime this weekend.

-Started the morning off with a bloody game of Gauntlet...amazing how much easier it is to deal with moronic customers when you just spent 30 minutes beating green-skinned freaks into a bloody pulp with a big hammer...

-Got 3 checks cashed (B'Day and Xmas from Dad and my payment from the RCT webwork that they screwed me over on), so that's money in my pocket...and discovered a c-note in my wallet that I had somehow forgotten about. Money is good...

-Company Xmas party is tonight, and I have no intention of going, but we all get off at 6:30 to make it on time of work an hour early! WHEE!

-Talked to nysidra early this morning...and that's ALWAYS a good thing!

-Going out tonight...yeah, I know...Me? Getting out??? Wild, huh? Just realizing that I don't really have anything to do tonight except sit around playing "Thief II", and I feel like doing something (spoiled by my trips to Freak Manor, I suppose!). So, I'm hooking up with kespernorth and hitting the Mercury...what the Hell. Therefore, anyone out there in La-La-Land wanna come hang out with me, I'll be there. Would be nice to see some faces I recognise...
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