December 11th, 2001



I am most like

I am a very tongue-in-cheek person. It's often hard to tell if I'm being serious,
and I have almost a kinda spooky vibe.
I'm also very inquisitive, and like to question what most take for granted.

The Obscure Website Test

I've never even heard of this site...but you can bet yer cookies I'm going NOW!


One of the supervisors just walked by my desk, asking me 'how I requested my move to tech'...when I told him, he just said 'Oh, OK, cool', and off he went...

Could this be the harbinger of the change?

And do I really want to do this.....?
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Thoughts, Etc.

Popcorn isn't very good when it's cold. I wish people would stop calling so I could eat mine...

I need a smoke. And I need to sign this paper here so i can get the stock options that I'm not allowed to touch (yes, I know how this all works, I've been in the corporate world for a while now, just felt like bitching).

If there's one thing I hate, it's being worried about people and not being able to do a damn thing about it. I hate feeling helpless. Even if maybe I wouldn't be able to do anything anyway, I'd like to at least have the chance to try (guess you can't always get what you want, huh?). Errrrggggggg...ok, ok, I'm gonna try and calm down.

Time for the aforementioned cigarette.
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I need to go home. I'm starving, stressed out, and tired. Feh. Maximum suckage.

And, may I add a 'screw all this' to that statement? Well, I will regardless of your answer. So thank you for your support, and screw you for your derision.

And a SHMILY for someone who knows...

Heh, Heh...Birthday Might Not Be So Bad After All

Nothing like generous friends...:

gothtoy: my bday is the 30th
Me: yes, i know...mine is tomorrow
gothtoy: wow cool
gothtoy: ;-)
gothtoy: i didnt even know]
Me: eh...I don't tend to broadcast it
gothtoy: oku can touch my tittie then tomrrow heh
Me: woo-hah
Me: happy birthday to me
gothtoy: heheh ;-)

*LOL*..oh well, not like I would actually, but nice thought in general. I'm almost scared to see what discordian is gonna do...I know he has something in store for me to get back at me for wishing HIM a good day...
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