December 16th, 2001


More Greetings

In a wonderfully cool happenstance, I ran into a friend over messenger tonight, and discovered she has a new, it is with great pleasure that I welcome notyourbusiness!! ((BIGG HUGGZ))
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Sunday Silly Sunday

Well, I didn't end up going to the Manor last night. My stomach was being all kinds of funky, and I just felt like crap. However, I did run into several people online that I hadn't talked to in a long while, and made a close approximation of the old days by watching 'Red Sonja' with Isaac..over messenger commenting on the stupid points in the movie. Yeesh...

Man, my shoulder, my wrist, and my thumb all hurt from bowling yesterday...LOL...outta practice, I guess.

Supposed to go to a lil' holiday gathering tonight, so that should be fun. Much earlier though, I'm heading to this fabulous sounding diner for an impromptu and badly arranged gathering of Seattle Dining...frankly, if you are around here, and wanna come have breakfast/brunch with me/us, show up about 1pm! Here's where we'll be:
Cyndy's House of Pancakes
10507 Aurora Ave N (North Seattle), 522-5100.

One last message to someone specific (no names): Congratulations on your epiphany. After further consultation, I have much faith in your potentially new direction. I also have faith in what you told me were your future plans, but be aware that many would tell you that you are foolish, or cannot make it. THEY ARE WRONG. Getting past that obstacle is critical to your success. And I meant what I said about calling me. 24/7.
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I'm Gonna Catch Shit For This

You know, I *STILL* maintain that EVERYTHING in life can be laughed at, when looked at in the proper light. Not that should be laughed at, but can be, that's the difference. I do know when to be serious.

THIS, though, is funny. WARNING: if the WTC stuff bugged you, then this might just make you sick, or piss you off, or something. Hey, can't say I didn't tell you in advance.

Thanks go to corpsephucker for finding and posting it...and it makes her sick.
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