December 18th, 2001


Chaotic Ramblings

Got my package from discordian this morning...I was beside myself, he managed to find me an old USSR flag...Love ya, m'man, that kicks so much ass!

I have no idea where the rest of this is gonna go, so it's cut for your avoidance pleasure.
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Ech...And So On

Bored. Barely anyone online. Been rearranging my house. Boy...exciting stuff, huh?

Watched 'Unbreakable' earlier...not bad, but nothing I think I'll watch again. Guess I'll give it to someone for Xmas. Also watched 'Mimic 2'. I love bad films, and I love horror films...and I don't recommend anyone bother watching this, even if you liked the first one. 'Cause it REALLY sucks.

By the way...I want to thank everyone that has been giving me votes in misterlj...that means a lot to me. Really helping pick me up...and giving me a nice standing, to boot! You guys kick so much ass! When I make my first several million, I'm flying you all up here to party with me!