December 19th, 2001



So I get to try and talk GMAC into lettning me clear up my late payments today. Hopefully, they will let me drop $600 tonight on them, and be willing to wait on the other $218 until i get paid again. Which will be about the time I want extra money, and won't have it now...errrggg...

Add to that, the fact that it is finalized...I'm not getting the car, so dude whas to buy it back from me..and he's already spent the money I gave him, so I have worked out for him to pay it back, but that's $200 when we get paid and $200 the payday after that...(*sigh*)

At least caliban is being VERY cool and gonna let me use his car the week nysidra is here. A light in the darkness, it seems...thanx, bro'. I REALLY appreciate that.
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Our office is next to a movie theatre...and there's a fuckin' GRIDLOCK through both their parking lot and ours, of people either trying to get into a parking spot, or people trying to leave...

Frickin' LotR offense to anyone...
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