December 20th, 2001


*Find Wall, Insert Head Repeatedly*

Well, fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuckitty fuckfuck.

Remember how, long ago, I said I hate planning things, because when I do, they either don't happen or they get screwed up, or something goes wrong? One day, I'll learn that lesson.

Bianca isn't coming.

I don't know why yet, and seeing as how I have no way to talk to her, I don't know when I WILL know. All I know is I got the e-mail this morning, informing me.

Yes, this is just a set-back. It's not like she said she didn't WANT to come, or something like that. Just that she wasn't. I assume, eventually, I'll get some more information. Hopefully, by the time she CAN come, I'll have more vacation time built up, and can take the time off to be with her. But that's down the the moment, it's indefinitely down the road.

One note worth mentioning: I've got GMAC off my back. Managed to stop a fucking repo order...not that i have the car for them to repo it anyway, but THEY don't know that, and I'd rather they didn't. Making myself very broke to do it, but, hey, on the other hand, I'm not worried about having money while she's here, now.

There are no words to express how badly I do NOT want to be at work right now.

Or even awake.
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