December 26th, 2001


Post One For Today

I don't feel like thinking up boffo titles today...or at least not at the moment. I also don't feel lke posting one long rambling thing. So deal with it, I'm blowing up everyone's friends list today with a bunch of short posts.

This is all subject to change with no advance notice.
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Post Two For Today

The 'Kult' game is going along nicely. Managed to get kespernorth into it last night, for a total of four me running it, that's five, nicely done.

Everyone seems to be having a great time with it, and that just tickles me fuckin' pink. I've missed gaming, good gaming for so long...and now it's coming back together. (*happy sigh*)

Post Four For Today

I think my arm is about to fall off. My right shoulder has always given me problems ever since a bit of an accident years ago...but it really fucking hurts now...forearm too, and wrist (though that's prolly computer related).

Anyone wanna donate to the "Fix Chaos's Arm" fund? *LOL*

Too much playing 'Gauntlet: Dark Legacy', I imagine.
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Post Seven For Today

No, you aren't seeing things...there is a sixth post, but very few of you would know where it is.

Have I stated that I am missing Bianca lately? Of course I have, you're all sick of hearing about it. Just got depressed earlier, thinking that I'm gonna be packaging up her b'day and Xmas presents to send to her, when I had originally planned on giving them to her in person.

Oh well...this is just a 'bump in the road, not a wall', eh darlin'?
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Post Nine For Today

(yeah, yeah, may be it out of hand...but at least your friends page isn't cluttered by some huge-ass two screen long post)

Just diggin through my friends list, as is my occasional bent, and wanted to shout out to a couple more people who have joined the Glorious War Of Chaos:
mp_reyart, fellow believer in chaotic philosophy, and
shannonkringen: underground Seattle goddess and artist, etc....who's just too interesting not to like.

Let the Galaxy Burn, my brethren!
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