December 27th, 2001


I'm Fully Aware Of Who I Am

********: She said she might call you today. When's good for you?
Chaos Blackflame: hmmm...I go to lunch 2pm my 5 y'all's time
********: Eeesh!! Bad memories.
Chaos Blackflame: ?
********: y'all
Chaos Blackflame: LMAO
********: I guess it's true what they say. You can take a boy out of the south...
Chaos Blackflame: I've been using that phrase a lot lately!
********: Well.. you're proof.
Chaos Blackflame: true.
Chaos Blackflame: *does the halfling shuffle*
********: This is something your'e happy about?
Chaos Blackflame: Yup.
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I deal with so many clueless morons everyday. i don't mean those who are genuinely uninformed, and who would welcome the chance to increase their knowledge, I mean those true bongo-brains who don't know anything, don't bother trying to find anything out, and don't take it well when this lack of easily-available knowledge biotes them in the ass. In short, I mean a good number of my customers.

Since I have been known to talk about them as a group, I went looking for the noun of collection for them (like a herd of cows, a pride of lions, a muder of crows, etc.), and found that there was not one, not one I could find, anyway. So, we've decided to create one.

From here on out, feel free to refer to a group of them as a clot of morons. I will be.
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Today, I discovered a car for sale. A hearse. Excellent condition. Black, with flames down the sides. Red curtains in the back. In LA. If I can get the money, all I have to do is go down and drive it back.

Too bad I don't have the money.

On a good note, I get to introduce people to 'Wild Palms'. For as much as I really don't normally like Oliver Stone stuff, this kicks ass.
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