January 3rd, 2002



Well, I might finally be getting over being sick...I actually woke up NOT feeling like my head was full of some noxious substance. I can only hope.

On the downside, I think caliban and rayce both picked it up from me...sorry guys!

Being home has turned me into such a game junkie again. Just in the time I've been home I've started playing 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein', 'Black and White', 'The Devil Inside', and goddess help me, I've started on 'The Sims' again...yeek...
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Boring Testy Goodness

Seeing as how, on vacation, I'm online less, I discovered today that there are a veritable shit-load of stupid tests I have neglected to take...until now. I know I'm a slut, get over it. At least I'm fun.
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Almost Over

Just one more day of vacation left. Well, and the weekend, but I would have had that anyway...and I'm still not well! This REALLY sucks.

I suppose it's good I was on vacation, since that way I didn't have to use a bunch of time off of work which they would have been pissed off about, or try to work while feeling like this...and I also suppose that it's just as well bianca didn't show up, since I would have been sick the whole time she was here.

Discovered some things I'm not happy about. I know how cryptic that sounds, and that is sorta intentional, because I don't REALLY feel like going into it, and because it's sorta stupid to the outside mind, i.e. YOU, Gentle Reader. Besides, I'm not going ape over it, just not happy wioth the way it's potentially gonna play out. Suffice it to say there are players on this stage that I was not aware are in the script, and now I have to ad-lib until I can get hold of the Director and find out just what the plot-line has become.

Can you tell I miss the theatre? Just one more thing to remedy when I finally get another car...
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