January 5th, 2002


Things To Do In Seattle When You Are Sick

Spent a good chunk of last night hanging out with scurvykat and wayren last night. She was kind enough to bring us 'Hot Date' for 'The Sims', and the PS2 showed up as well, so that kept them busy with rayce. Their friend Rhonda came with them, and caliban spent the entire night giving her a massage...me? Well, I spent part of the night installing, wiping out and re-installing all the 'Sims' stuff (this is a house full of Sims addicts!), and the other part thinking about how attractive someone is...*W*

Gotta hit the cable store today and drop off my equipment, and have to hit the grocery store for many things. And have to figure out why my hands are tingling...man, this feels weird.
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Was flipping through perlandria's LJ, and came across a link that I have somehow missed previously. Now, I'm fine with body modification, always have been. Anything really wildly surgical gets my attention as being very edgy, not that I would do it. Tattoos, piercings, scars, sure...but I'm keeping the basic chassis the way it is (unless the cat tail thing happens, but that's another story entirely).

THIS, however, is a bit out there. Sure, the finger is cool looking (although I hope he never needs gloves!), but the arm thing...that's a tad much. Just seems like it would be in the way. Sure, it's alive, but immobile and unfeeling...oh great, living dead-weight, yay.

Well, they are happy, and so I am happy for them. Took guts, that's for certain.
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Slow day. Spent half of it just cracking the new 'Sims' addition. Yeah, it's an addiction, but at least it's legal.

Most of the rest was spent playing 'Return To Castle Wolfenstein'...back starting to really bug me. Think I'll stretch out on the couch and watch the uncut 'Dune'...nothing better to do and no one to do it with anyway...
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