January 8th, 2002


'God' Strikes Again!

"Jesus, Save Me From your Followers"...truer words were never spoken. Now, we all know that I have a problem with organized religions in general. The reasons for this are varied, but one of them is that they turn out morons who cannot think for themselves, or, when they do, think badly. I'm not saying all of them are stupid, just that some real whackos get their voices up in the name of 'religious fervor'. I often think of this when I see people with picket signs outside rock concerts...as if there weren't any bigger problems to address in the world.

The reason i mention this is something I came across thios morning, linked by another, and I cannot help but just roll on the floor laughing. The post in question, a quiz about the role of women in Christianity, is not only frighteningly mysogynistic, but the arguments afterwards are even funnier. I'm reminded of Linux arguments...but then, I'm sure you all remember that comparison, no need to rehash it..*giggle*
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Another COMPLETE Surprise

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You give off bad vibes, and like to have control in any given situation. If you aren't satisfied with something then you don't think anyone else should be either. You'd go pretty far to get what you want, even if it means wiping out human existance! On an upside...you do have sexy horns.
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