January 20th, 2002



OK, so it ebnded up being a good evening after all. Eric and Bryan eventually showed up with Jenn and Jillian...Rhonda came later, with 4 foreign guys, which was weird, but they left. Bjorn got drunk, and we had a long talk, all good. Steph passed out after a while. Plenty of booze to go around, and Jenn brought some homemade salsa which was to DIE for.

All things considered, it was a good night. Thanks, my friends...I really needed you around tonight. Who knows, maybe I'll break my resolution and do this again soon.

It's Morning...Again...

People asleep all over my house...empty bottles...someone on the PlayStation with the sound turned down...someone else mumbling in their sleep...someone else stumbling to the bahroom and then collapsing back onto their spot...yep: party aftermath.

kespernorth: best of luck. You know on what.

/ Insert Insane Laughter

"SILENCE!" Maul bellowed, nearly stripping his vocal cords. Palpatine smirked, refusing to stop. That was it. Maul had to escape. NOW. He snatched Palpatine's cloak and started for the exit as hard as he could go. They made it to Main Street USA before the crowd packed in about them, forcing them to a standstill.

"What's this?" Maul rasped desperately.

"It's the closing show. There'll be music. Fireworks. Tinkerbell." Sidious informed him.


"Just look." Sidious pointed upward.

Maul gazed up at the castle in despair, needing to disbelieve... but THERE SHE WAS, the little fairy was FLYING TOWARD HIM...Something deep inside Maul snapped.

"IT'S TIME TO REMEMBER THE MAGIC!!!!!!!!!" he screamed, vaulting a somersault onto a nearby lamp-post and letting fly with his lightsaber. The guy wire snapped, the dummy Tinkerbell falling into the castle moat. Maul threw back his head and bellowed insane laughter. He balanced easily on the lamp-post, fireworks exploding behind him in the night sky, and summoned purple lightning. ZAP! So much for Adventure Land... SIZZLE... that was Frontier Land... FRY... Goodbye, Republic Square! FWUMP, Mickey's Toontown Adventure went up in flames... KABOOM!!!! Tomorrowland was leveled. Maul spared Main Street USA, figuring that if it went, he'd never make it out himself.

Hee hee..."Sith Academy" kicks ass!
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Damn, Almost Forgot!

I can't believe it...I almost forgot to post my list of 'quotes for the evening'! So, without further ado, here are the best phrases spoken last night:
"I just shaved my cooch Thursday and already 3 guys have seen it!"
"Steph! You aeen't supposed to do that to people who aren't bi!"
"*BLEELLLCH* Nice, you really do fit into this group."
"There's an abundance of phil-ness going around."
"I'm not just interesting when I'm drunk, I'm just MORE interesting when I'm drunk."
"So, what, you're Nor-glish?"
"As your lawyer, my advice to you is to start drinking heavily."
"If anything on you is flaccid, you need to talk to Steph, not me."
"Frank, you are supposed to be backing me up, here."
"Thanks...I just have dirty rainbow."
"And that's why mine stays in an easily identifiable position."
"This tequila shit is very fucking...thing."
"Bjorn, that's a bush, it's not your type."
"Yes, I have witnesses to the fact that you claim you have slept with me!"
"But I don't want to be in the pile!"
and of course: "Kittystrip this, bitch!"