January 27th, 2002


Nodding Off

OK, I've had enough 'fun' for one evening. Gonna let the Fatboy Slim on my WinAmp serve as my exit music.

zombiedip: Wonderful talking to you...as it always is. Sorry I didn't get to see you later on.

ravenlace: As always, you know me well. Thanks for the advice...and yes, I'll go with ya.

skyfae: Thanks for keeping me company!

kaylea: Glad you got that PS2 thing working...and you are more than welcome for the mp3.

cyanblaze: Consider speaking to your doctor. I don't think he has the dosage on your meds right yet. You are still not QUITE human. I'm sure things will be fine as soon as he finishes the lobotomy...it's just gotta be a real pain for him to work on something so small.

*tears of laughter*

This is mostly posted because cenobitten isn't online for me to tell her personally, but it is a riot.

I do get phrases stuck in people's heads from time to time; I guess I'm just mildly memorable that way....isn't that right discordian? *hee hee* Well, anyway, I popped over to cenobitten's website today, just surfing around (who, me? obsessed? Well...lets' get back to the story, shall we?), and what do I see, somewhere down on one of the main pages:

As my friend Frank would say, " Well, aren't they a scream in a box? " Ha ha ha.

Man, I was not ready to see that...just floored me! *LOL* Cool, I'm famous...

Cyn, you're something else. Don't ever change (yeah, like I was worried about THAt happening)!
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Smilin' Sunday, Part II

Cyn, you have made my day, like so many times before...*huge fuckin' smile*

Wow, and didn't expect to see zombiedip on this early in the day...coolies.


"We're talking about passion! We're talking about feeling! We're talking about soul! We're talking about the release of physical, emotional, and sexual energy; are you with me here?" -- Cowboy Mouth, "Jenny Says (Live)"
(Thanks to nysidra for adding to my musical loves)


LDKnight1: Jesus man, don't you ever sleep?
Chaos Blackflame: No
Chaos Blackflame: not really..I thought you knew that
LDKnight1: That was mostly a rhetorical question.
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Oh Well...

So, knowing that I had a game to run tonight, I decided to take a nap. caliban had left to go get scurvykat and wayren, who were coming to hang out. rayce would be in later, I had yet to hear from kespernorth, and 01flux.

I'm shocked awake by explosive sounds and shouting from the TV in front, nice and loud....eerrggg. All but Rayce and Bjorn are here, looking at Final Fantasy 10. Rayce shows up...and only then do I discover that Bjorn thought the game was cancelled, and so is not coming...and besides, the area is frozen around him and he is stuck. So no game.

Did I mention that I really don't care anything for the Final Fantasy series anymore? Somewhere in the middle of 8, I decided I was tired of it, turned it off, and never looked back. Yeah, 10 is gorgeous, but so are a lot of things.

I'd take my VCR in back and watch movies, but the PS2 is hooked up through it.

I'm going back to bed.
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