January 28th, 2002


*no title*

Well, going back to bed didn't help. Couldn't sleep.

Ended up reading some stuff I hadn't read in a while. Cleaned up in back a little. Burned a few things. Put a couple things away. These things needed doing. Tried going back to sleep.

No good.

Came out to find the house considerably more empty...good. Watched Red Shoe Diaries. Powerful movie..too bad there are so many horrible crappy travesties that they call sequels. Talked to Steph for a little while about things bothering me (thank you for caring, Steph, that means a lot).

Gonna try again in a few minutes....but first...
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I Read Enough Of Them...

You tend to prefer your computer to any console, and you seem to be on the sarcastic side, especially when compared to your Penny Arcade sidekick Gabe, but that's okay. Cause you do do most of the writing and HTML work around there, and even if you get overshadowed by Gabe's art sometimes, you know you're the REAL genius around there. Just watch out for radio active scorpions...

Which webcartoonist Are You?


Looking over my friends list today...damn, you guys are having as rough a time as I am.

corpsephucker: Damn that cocksucker and his stupidity. Damn them all. You and I are in somewhat similar boats, darlin'...my heart goes out to you. May you find better before I do, and may I find it quickly!

annathema667: It wa a stupid joke, but I'm glad to know it made you smile. Hope all this crap clears up soon...and I'm still looking forward to being able to give interviews that start with "I remember, way back when..."

discordian: It seems you were right...with only the knowledge that I have, I could work circles around some of these dunces.

Oh, and a shout-out to al666, who I discovered has an LJ today. Artist of one of my fave webcomics, Poisoned Minds!
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Well, it has been a rollercoaster day. After a mostly sleepless night, and an icy drive to work, it seemed as though the day would be one that I was gonna wish would hurry up and end. However, a couple revelations later and a couple af VERY indepth convos under my belt (much thanks to two of my favorite people, ravenlace and cenobitten..I love you both!), I'm actually smiling and in a good mood.

And I see zombiedip just logged on...the evening is really picking up...
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