February 1st, 2002


Still Floating

So, yeah, sore neck notwithstanding, I feel great. As discordian put it, "Damn, son...you WERE in heaven!" And, truth be told, I was. I haven't felt like that since the New Year's Eve gig my ex-band had on the cusp of 2K. And even with Eric in jail, even with no money and no one to share the euphoria with, even with no car, even with the house situation being what it is...I feel great. Kinda like the movie "Office Space", when dude feels great despite all his worries and stress.

As far as the Eric sitch goes, his family may be able to help him out, but I dunno when the court date will be...for some reason he didn't go up before the judge Thursday. I worked out his situatiopn with work, so he's cool there for a good month-plus at least.

Just today, then the weekend to continue flying on this euphoric updraft. The leathern wings spread, the tatters and rends grow back over, leaving more scars...but scars, I can handle.
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Shout Outs and Tests

First off, a shout out to a new viewer of the War Journals: Greetings, elysian23! I also seem to have attracted the attention of not one, but *2* Darth Vaders! Wild...I wanna see the lightsaber/dark Force battle right here in the War Room, guys!

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*Smacks Self*

Damn, in all my celebratory hooplah, I completely slipped up on one more point! As I was cooking dinner Wednesday, who shows up at my house to go out to coffee with Steve and Steph but robotangel! Fellow Bruce Campbell fan, and hella cool person to boot. You simply MUST come back again when there is more time, and we can jeer bad movies together!


Well, you are reading the post of one seriously happy rocker. Come mid-March, I'll be going to see another of the musical legends in my life, and I get to take a gorgeous woman with me. Yep, I'll be banging my head and screaming along with ROB ZOMBIE, and I get to have zombiedip with me!

This is also all good, because with the situation being what it is, I may have to miss GWAR...
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