February 2nd, 2002



Chip picked me up from work, and we ended up sitting aorund his place, talkling gaming, music, foolishness, all while getting drunk and high. What a wonderfully relaxed evening.

And to make things even cooler, I get back home, and it's quiet, and when i log on i find that Di's online. *BG*

But I *DO* wanna know who ate the pizza I was saving for dinner but didn't ask me.
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Moving On

About to go get the car...one less worry. Might even go visit Eric in The Big House tomorrow, just to give him shit. Actually, he may be out in a couple days, which would be cool.

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to steveness...enjoy the day, young'un!
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Nothing and Nobody

Just relaxing at the house. I got Eric's car out of impound, so at least I have a car for now. I have an invite to the Fantasy Unlimited Fashion Show tonight, I'm on the guest list, but I don't think I'll be going. No one that I know is gonna be in it that I know of.

Need to talk to some people. I'm wondering how I am seen, how I come off...based on some things that have been said in the past, and a bit of a potential revelation I had the other night...anyone that has talked to me, vaguely knows me, feel free to answer: How do I come across to you? I'm completely serious, I want to know, good and bad...
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