February 6th, 2002


Stuff, Stuff, And More Randomly Titled Stuff

OK, first today, i want to say a big FUCK YOU to Micro$haft Messenger Service. I'm actually in a position of wanting to use it, finally, and it continualy tells me 'these messages could not be delivered to all recipients'...hmm, I'm logged on, they are logged on, what's the bitch? Sad day when I actually prefer something made by AOHell to something made by MS...I mean, they are equally bastardic, but at least I don't look at MS users and want to smack them for stupidity.

Second, hazeleyedgal_25 is making a deck of cards with LJ peeps on it, and I get to be the Suicide King (King of Hearts, for those that didn't know). Sweet. (EDIT - forgot the link was friends only, so link removed.)

Third, techgeek chic goes further and further. Dig this</b>. I admit, though, that's pretty cool.

Lastly, ladies, feel free to donate:
Oral Sex Donations Accepted
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Oh Man....

I am so screwed. There's a new little vending station in the break room here in the office...with handfulls of dark chocolate covered espresso beans for a quarter.

Mmmmmm...gonna have to scrounge quarters form people now...


Wow...forgot these are one of the few things that affect me. And I ate a lot, enough to be getting the shakes and giggles...

...Or is that adrenaline coming from somewhere/one else?

Oh, and dig it...robotangel sent me an mp3 of Michael Jackson's "Thriller"! Coolies!
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I Just Don't Get It

OK, mini-rant time.

Based on conversations with various people lately, I'm in a serious state of shock at the men of today. Am I the only one left that believes there are such things as responsibility and family? Surely there are others...but I seem to find so many that care nothing for the family that they have created, merely being out for their own pleasure/concerns.

I cannot tell you how much this bothers me. What kind of asshole would marry someone, have children, and then not provide for them, much less ignore them? How could you POSSIBLY be so self-centered, so cold, so much of a complete and utter waste of oxygen-depleting flesh? As far as I am concerned, if you fit this category, you deserve to be dragged bodily into the street and beat to death. NOW. You represent all that is soulless and wrong, and I hate you. Period.

I have NO problem with someone that doesn't want children. That's a choice, and I'm glad that you know it's not your bag. But, if that's the case, then DO NOT HAVE CHILDREN. Maybe you aren't the marrying kind. Fine, DON'T GET MARRIED. But don't go forward with it and then try to ignore it. As the song says "Father's a name you haven't earned yet...kicking your ass would be a pleasure..."

Fuck you, and your idiocy. I hope your wives and children leave you, disown you, and find someone suitable. Die old, bitter and alone.

I'm outta here.
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