February 9th, 2002


Long Night

Well, day was very nice and slow...spent all day working on the team website and talking to Di...*BS* Ended my day by getting a review of a call that was a real bitchkitty...and getting a perfect grading.

Spent an hour on the phone with velvetacidgrrrl, and I'm really glad to have gotten to speak to her. And for those of you who have been around for a long time, we have woked out all differences are are good friends again...which I am happy about. I even got to speak to the boys...*G*...this link is for you Alice Chess Set...

My Zann is back online...so happy to see that!!!

One down note...Eightball will prolly not survive to morning...he seems to have caught something. (*sigh*)

Thought I was gonna miss out on talking to Di more tonight...but lucky me, she came back online...*happy dance*