February 26th, 2002


*Shakes Head*

Our team at work gets some training today, so we can effectively deal with a particular product we handle now. Of course, we've had this product for general availability for a good 6 months or more...and we've been taking calls on it the whole time...and we are the only department that handles it...but we are JUST NOW getting this training. 40 minutes worth. That's it.

I swear...it's getting easier and easier to leave this place...
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Have you ever felt slighted? Have you ever worked for something, with someone, and felt like you were part of it, only to feel later that you were basically used? Or maybe just that you felt forgotten, once things got under way and you weren't needed anymore? Well, that's what I feel like RIGHT NOW.

Let's just say that I have felt a part of something...and now I no longer feel that way. It was prolly my folly in the first place; I really don't have any connection to it, and it doesn't NEED me.
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I Guess You Are Just What I Needed

chaosblackflame: me? a playa? Can you even imagine?
chaosblackflame: LOL
Di: no way no how baby
chaosblackflame: yeah,...I'm such a sleaze...
Di: a real durt bag
chaosblackflame: I'm just the love 'em and leave 'em type, can't you tell?
Di: prey on the weak
chaosblackflame: yep...pick up sad girls on the rebound...they are more open to suggestion that way
Di: exactly
chaosblackflame: And they are willing to do anything at that point...
chaosblackflame: damn, you got me.
Di: guess i'm already sucked in
Di: may as well go along for the ride now
chaosblackflame: Well, damn...now I'm stuck
chaosblackflame: What ever am I gonna do?
chaosblackflame: Maybe you're just the woman I need...make me change my cheatin' ways.
Di: maybe so .. don't u think it's about time u changed my dear
Di: to be a decent man
chaosblackflame: There...I changed. I feel so much better
chaosblackflame: LIke a whole new man
Di: *exhale*
Di: i'm so glad
chaosblackflame: All it took was the love of a good woman
Di: well... an evil, neck biting, back scratching, pet anyway
chaosblackflame: I can deal with that...that apparently is what I needed.