March 2nd, 2002


Eep Opp Ork Ah Ah

Wow...what a night. zombiedip and I went out for drinks first, just relaxing, having fun. The sushi was excellent, and not too expensive, all things considered. Eventually came back home.

We did get interrupted once by a phone call we didn't want, but got past it. A lot of talking ensued, things to discuss, etc. She loved the collar, and didn't take it off for the rest of the time she was here (except for a shower), and we proceeded to share the most incredible night that I think either of us have ever had...which spilled over to this morning...*whew* DAMN. Sorry, you voyeurs, but I'm not going into details. Suffice it to say I've never had it so good.

The discussions were very deep. There is one major conclusion that came out of it: I'm moving down to Vancouver to be with her. I have to clear a few things up here, and find a job down there, and figure out how to get my stuff down there...but it's just a matter of figuring.

Luckily, we caught rayce at one point last night, before she went to sleep, so we got a couple pix at least...
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You're Pinhead!
Leader to the group known as
The Cenobites.
You Feed off the pain of others,
and you don't give a fuck what god thinks
of your actions.
"Do i look like someone who cares what god thinks?"
No, but you have a killer sense of style!
You're here simply to bring souls back to hell with you. to torture!

What Horror Movie Villian am I?

Calming Down

OK, I'm over the rage from earlier. Someone was just acting like the immature, childish, selfish playground bully that he is (true colors will out), and something occured to me later which made me laugh at him.

"Temperature...dropping...heartrate...slowing...rage...subsiding..." -- Mystery Men

"Smoke up, 'cause you're not completely psycho yet." -- Blair Witch 2: Book Of Shadows

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