March 5th, 2002



Went and bought myself a couple things last night. 'Thumb Wars' has been released on DVD., and I discovered that the same group did a second film, 'The Blair Thumb'. Happy me! Got to introduce caliban and 01flux to them...*hee hee*. They are doing several more, and you better believe I'll be getting them! Also snagged a couple of classic horror films...very happy me!

Nothing wildly new other than that. Gotta call the train station to day and see about getting down to Vancouver this weekend...gotta feed my Di-Addiction.
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    Orgy - Blue Monday

*Huge Fuckin' Smile*

OK, it's official. I have the coolest, sweetest, and bestest girl in the world.

Knowing I thought it was funny, she went and got me a t-shirt made that says "WWJD...For A Klondike Bar?"

Goddamn, I'm so in love.