March 6th, 2002


There Is No Turning Back Now...You Have Woken Up The Demon In Me


Christ, what a night. We didn't get back to the house until 11:00, rayce came home right afterwards, and then wayren and scurvykat came over with a friend of theirs. A full house, to say the least. I tried to go to bed, but it was just too loud...ended up zoning out while watching 'Carnival Of Souls' (yes, I found it on DVD very happy!!!).

Man...I'm-a be glad to get out of town for the weekend...
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I'm So Proud...

Congratulations, your killing method is a prestigious one indeed. Exemplified by such noble personages as the leader of the free world, President George W. Bush, this is a rank with a long and glorious tradition. You can send thousands, nay, whole millions, to their deaths on fields full of muddy trenches or in burned out third world villages. You have massive armies, lightning swift fleets, cunning intelligence agenices, destructive atomic weapons, and devastating biological warfare strategies all available as easily as a microwave burrito. Other boys play with tin soldiers or plastic army men, you play with the saftety of the free world. Bravo, and have fun.

Take the High Yield Killing Method Test Now!!



It appears that i may have to have a little 'talk' with one of my guests...I really hope things have calmed down.
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The Tao Of Dew

archmage: thank you Queen Non-Sequitur
01flux: Your MOM's a non-sequitur!
archmage: I'm aware of that...why do you think I look like this?
01flux: ...
01flux: I thought it was because she fucked a bald viking.
archmage: only a true non-sequitur could get away with that.
archmage: and still procreate quasi-effectively
01flux: Quasi? If it was only quasi, you'd be 3/4 a person. -peers- Them's must be sum guuud prosthetic limbs.
01flux: Oh well. Di hasn't complained yet.
archmage: hey, better living through self-actualization
01flux: Thats what I tell myself every day.
archmage: works, don't it?
01flux: ................................. sometimes.
archmage: better than never...keep trying.
01flux: There is no try. There is only Dew.
archmage: Dew, or Dew not.
01flux: Original or red-flavored.
archmage: Matters not what you is only in how you Dew it.