March 12th, 2002


Well, Anyway...

OK, so i didn't even turn on the computer last night...but that's OK. New blade came, so had to drool over it, and bought The One and Soul Survivors on DVD (reviews below). Besides, didn't sleep for a while, coming up with ideas, so possibly some work tonight? And tomorrow's the macromedia seminar (no work for me!), so that's a plus. A long week, but a good one.
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The Little Things In Life

Few things are as depressing to a relatively young male as the realization that he is losing his hair. Especially when said male has long hair, that he has always loved. (*sigh*) However, it dawned on said male that his 5'3" lady love cannot see the top of his head no big deal.

And just to counteract some of the sugary sweetness, you may click here to learn how to fry an egg on your computer's processor. never say I never did nothin' for ya!

Bad Movies and Booze

OK, you mooks, listen up:


Yes, the next 'Bad Movies and Booze' night is officially scheduled for April 6th, at Frank's Home for the Disposessed, 6pm. So far, the playlist is horrendous: our title comes from the combined double whammy of "Thumb Wars" and "The Blair Thumb", and we will follow with "Soul Survivors", and goddess only knows what else, maybe "Jeepers Creepers". This will also be our first ALL-DVD night!

Making this evening even more special are 2 facts. One, my lady love zombiedip will be joining us, so you can see me act like a lovesick puppy. The other is the fact that this may be the last time most of you in the area will see me, at least for a long time, or a VERY lucky by-passing, as I will be moving shortly thereafter. So, if you are in the Seattle area, I'd love for you to show up and hang out...let's party one last time before I am gone. Dammit, don't make me remember you as the one who DIDN'T come tell me goodbye at my own party!

Bring booze, snacks, or just your own bad self. Let's laugh like the rest of the world doesn't matter.

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