March 16th, 2002


Party Aftermath

Well, that was fun. Took us forever to get there (a misunderstanding with other potential partygoers that I didn't realize for sure were going [SORRY BJORN!!!], caliban getting pulled over...again, and finding parking), and then half the party left shortly after we arrived, but that's col, gave more room for the rest of us. Most spent the evening sitting around, making Marten's boi laugh until he couldn't breathe. Plus, ran into violetvixen, which was also cool. I do wish I could have gotten a picture of us. I was wrapped in a black toga, gathered at the shoulder with a chain and padlocked to my spiked collar, tied at the waist with the ringed belt, and black sandals. What was I? The first Goth to invade Rome.

All, in all, it was good to get out of the house. I think, however, that it's time I got to bed. Gonna try and see Resident Evil tomorrow, and many errands to run. Responsibility is a bitch.

Sleep well, my friend.
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Movie Reviews

OK, I'll put this very simply...

The critics don't know shit. Resident Evil fucking ROCKED. Gorgeously set and filmed, dialogue was good (except for one stupid line), plot was actually thought out, and it didn't try to mirror the game exactly, but it was true to it anyway. Well acted, excellent cinematography, and it didn't try to over-gore or over "guns and fight scene" you to death, and didn't fall back on any obvious misdirections (for instance, there was no odd sound which turned out to be a cat). A good balance of style, and the soundtrack kicks ass.