March 24th, 2002


Another Visit Over

Well, she is home safe now...and another visit is over. I'm so glad she was able to come two times so close together, but now I have a 2-week stretch before I see her again...(*sigh*)

Still, that's better than 2 MONTHS, right?

I'm beside myself. This is gonna be overly sappy (consider yourself warned), but I have never even IMAGINED someone so perfect for me, much less hoped to find someone. From the major issues to the stupid silly stuff, we are either in total agreement, or extremely complimentary. The things that seem natural to me are amazing to her, and vice versa, so we are, every day, finding new and different things that make the others jaw drop, from the sheer joy of discovery.

26 days, counting tomorrow. Then I'll be down that-a-way. And I won't have to have these stretches without her...because it's starting to feel like part of my soul leaves with her, the part I never knew was there until now...and i want it back.
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