March 27th, 2002


Good Morning...Or, Rather, It Isn't One

Oh goody. Well, let's see. Knowing that I had to go back to work today, I planned on getting to bed wth plenty of time to sleep, so I'd feel as good as I could today. Since I've basically done nothing for 2 days, I had plenty of energy, and after watching "Mad Max", I settled in to bed. That would have been about 1am...plenty of sleep time before the 8am alarm.

Or so I thought.

velvetacidgrrrl called about 1:30, to let me know she was safe in problems, I asked her to call, and I wasn't asleep anyway. turned out the lights, turned down the streo, and settled in...thus beginning the longest night I've had in a while. Heat on, heat off, covers on, covers off, clothes on, clothes off, tossing and turning, attempting to find a comfy spot, noisy or quiet, and never sleeping for more than a few minutes at any given moment. Tried reading until I was tired...nope. Tried pacing...nope. Tried meditation...nope. By 5am, I was so fed up Ieven tried doping up on cold meds to get woozy...nope. So, 6am, I gave up, got up, took a shower, figured what the Hell.

Oh, look...NOW I'm tired.

It's gonna be a long day...(*sigh*)
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I gotta give a big hello to a new friend...yeah, just me pulling new people into the addiction again. Everyone wander over and say hello to babyinga!

This is my friend Ella, who has been there for me time and again over the last 3 years, and who is also the mother of my god-daughter Kira.

Hey darlin'! Welcome to the Beast!

Oh, I Just Got Happy...

According to the news section of Dark Horizons (scroll down to the bottom):

"As of today 03/26/02 we are in pre-production of the following film "Silent Hill" which has been placed ahead of our original project "The Essence" in terms of release date and importance from New Line Cinema. We at Dark Aura Entertainment couldnt be happier that we have been given the green llight to develop this project. We also believe that this will be a revolutionary film for two genres. The film based on video games and more importantly the modern horror film. We know what fans you all are of this game and we know it is crucial that we get it right and that is what we intend to do."


An Icon Passes

Comedian Milton Berle Dies in Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Legendary comedian Milton Berle died in his sleep at his home in Los Angeles at age 93, his agent Warren Cowan said on Wednesday.

Berle was one of television's first major stars with his weekly comedy hour for Texaco.


We'll miss you, Uncle Miltie.