March 28th, 2002



First off, I want to say a big thank you to everyone that has been worried about me the last few days. This flu has been kicking my ass something fierce, and I really have not been doing well, and in my own normal way I've tried to ignore that. So, to everyone who has cared for me, checked up on me, expressed their sympathies, and generally been there: ((HUGGZ))

Many Happy Returns to a very close friend and confidante, sylvaine2001! Mikki, for all that we have been through, for all that we were, and for all that we drove each other to madness, I'm very, very glad that we are still as close of friends as we are, and I wouldn't change it! Love ya, doll!
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Chaotic Hair Care

OK, so anyone that has checked pictures posted in here may remember that caliban, my roommate, shaves his head. Well, it's been longer than normal, and he's getting pretty scruffy (we've all been calling him 'long-haired hippie', which is kinda sad coming from me, but whatever). Well, 01flux and I have talked him into something different. We plan on shaving his head again, yes, but we are leaving a patch about 3-4" around in back, which he's gonna grow out and add extensions to, and we may even leave two long areas extending up along his skull unshaven as's sad, but I think it'll look pretty cool. Pictures when we can, no worries.

Well, What A Day...And It Ain't Over Yet

I thought I was gonna have something really special to add to my BMAD party. A friend of mine has started making his own mead, and gives me a bottle whenever he makes a new batch (advance payment for the website I'm doing for him). Not a bad deal...hell, I've worked cheaper!

So anyway, a bottle arrives at my desk today, I'm thinking "Great! I'll save it for the party!" and I go about my day. Right in the middle of a call, the cork pops violently out of the bottle (exploded would be closer to the truth), slamming a metal shelf and generally scaring the ever-lovin' SHIT out of me. I have to put the bottle on the floor, to stop the overflow hitting all my paperwork. My cubicle ended up smelling like a brewery for the rest of the day...very yeast-y.

It stops, eventually, and I shove the cork back in it...20 minutes later it happens again! I decided at that point that the mead did not want to be in the bottle, so caliban and I finished off the entire bottle for lunch.

Not bad as far as lunches go.
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