April 1st, 2002


Monday Morning, Again

So, let's see...only one real "event" to announce today. Today is the day that i put in my 2 week's notice at work. April 12th is the last day I have to show up to work in this sludgepit. After that, it's one week to pack, and then I'm in Vancouver. Wow...kinda a nice feeling...but it's even HARDER not to just walk out of here, and the days suddenly seem TWICE as long.

The weekend was relatively un-shenaniganed for me. Seattle was experiencing NorWesCon, which meant I went out of my way to NOT go. My roomies went, though, with a friend of theirs who is Canadian (won't hold that against her, though)...she wasn't too bad. A little annoyinbg at times, but not bad overall, and besides, she did more to clean the place than those that LIVE here...

Christ...our databases are down AGAIN...and they STILL make us take calls. Nothing like having to tell 200 people "Sorry, can't help you, I don't care how long you've been waiting." So glad I'm leaving....
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OK, so I'm glancing through my friends' posts, and I see a link to the "Magic Index" (substitute your own LJ name for yours), and I hadn't seen that in a while, so figured "what the Hell"...

Imagine my shock, when I check the top of my list, flip to her journal, and the top post starts out with "Oh Frank"! Waugh!!!

Out of the top 50, the only ones I recognize are 01flux and fallenautumn....guess I'm not that much like my friends, or something. Either opposites do attract, or people are so fascinated that they have to see what I'm gonna do next. Didn't THINK I was that weird...eh, who cares.

Random IM's

I attract some of the weirdest...and most interesting people. Note that I still have no idea who this is, but anyone that wants to join me in eradicating the enemies of the "Happyfunball" is welcome to join me.
Happyfunball4u: Happyfunball
SatanasExMachina: gee, thanx
SatanasExMachina: always a good thing in the middle of the day
Happyfunball4u: ....do you not like Happyfunball?
SatanasExMachina: no, no...I am honored and proud to see the presence of the Happyfunball
SatanasExMachina: Who would not?
Happyfunball4u: Many I'm afraid. And that is why they all must die.
SatanasExMachina: well, then I suggest you call to your soldiers, storm their ramparts and allow them the choice of Happyfunball or Death.
Happyfunball4u: Hmm....Very well. But I need a general
SatanasExMachina: Who would you trust to lead the crusade for the eradication of the enemies of the Happyfunball?
Happyfunball4u: You. You, sir, will lead the crusade against the Anti-Happyfunballites. You leave now. Congratulations.
SatanasExMachina: I graciously adorn my shield and armor with your crest. Red shall the battlefields run with the blood of the heretics who denounce the Happyfunball.
Happyfunball4u: Well, only if you do it with a Happyfunball smile
SatanasExMachina: Well, how else? You HAVE to smile...besides, it throw off your enemies.
Happyfunball4u: Very good then. I dub thee, Sir Avenger of Happyfunball.
SatanasExMachina: *Sword held high* I shall raise the armies of the Happyfunball at once.
Happyfunball4u: You have my blessing. Now go, Sir Avenger!
SatanasExMachina: *sending out the recruitment notices*
SatanasExMachina: Now, a question:
SatanasExMachina: Who are you?
Shortly after, they were kicked off. More to come later, when they return.