April 12th, 2002


Ain't No Thang To Cut A Chicken, Triggers Clickin', Blow Off His Head But His Feet's Still Kickin'

Wow, just saw syren666 walking down the hallway...guess she got a job here, too. Cool. I put in a good word for her...not that she would remember me, but that's no biggie, felt good anyway.

Man...last day here. What a weird feeling. I mean, I'm sitting here...and I'm getting ready to start for the day, and I'm gonna work and all...but knowing that I will not be coming back except to pick up a paycheck Monday morning is just an odd feeling. This is it. I suppose Monday morning, as I leave, it'll all hit me. For now, I'm just thinking that I actually have to get through the day.

On a lighter note, gotta shout out b'day greets to robotangel! Many Happy Returns, Angel!
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    The Commodores - Brick House

Time, Ticking Away

Almost time to get the Hell out of here...I've had people coming up to me all afternoon, telling me they'll miss me.

Guess I'm more of an icon around here than I thought...wild.

Bed:0, Me:1...For Now

(Ganked from vebelfetzer
ME: I have to wake up now.

BED: No. Don't go. Not yet...

ME: It's almost nine. I have shit to do.

BED: No. You. Must. Stay. With Bed. Bed soft and luscious...

ME: No, I have to get up. You are evil. Let me go.

BED: Bed not evil. Bed delicious. Bed LOVE you...

ME: Yes, and I love Bed, but I have to--


A strangely difficult struggle with the blankets ensues. I emerge,
out of breath, slightly afraid.

BED:(quietly)One day, you will stay with bed...One day, you will stay...forever.