April 13th, 2002


It Was Too Easy

I knew there had to be somewhere that EarthLink was gonna piss me off...it was going too smoothly. So it was no surprise to discover this morning that my user accounts were shut off.

Now, these were complimentary employee accounts, so sure, I'm gone, this should be standard practice...however, explain to me then why there are people who were FIRED a year ago whose accounts are still active.

The only reason this really annoys me is that my website was in my webspace...and not only can it not be reached anymore, I can't FTP to it to get it back. And guess what idiot hasn't made a new backup of his site on his new machine....

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Well, after talking to some people 'on the inside' of the company, and backtracking through 3 different old webspaces, I finally tracked down an old copy of my site that had most of the graphics on it, and the newest stuff I have here, so I'm going to be able to mostly salvage my website. I have to completely recode it...but I wanted to do that anyway, I suppose.