April 18th, 2002



More packing and slacking...you know how it is. You wanna get done, so that it is done, but you don't wanna pack anything that you might need, so you leave a lot of it for later...and then you realize how much you THINK you might need, and you feel like you'll be doing it all at the last minute. Oh well, no real worries.

rayce took me out to dinner last night, which was very cool. We ate some of the best Greek food I've ever had, and talked a lot about life in general. It was good to see you one last time before I go, hun!

Having dinner with erotocism tonight, and meeting up with kespernorth for drinks afterwards, both of which will be very cool...see you guys tonight!
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In The Age Of Superboredom, Hype And Mediocrity

Met up with Jayne (erotocism) and Jason at Charlie's for dinner, and had a great time. Jayne, I have to say again, I love the hair...it really does look good on you! Actually spent most of the evening talking gaming stories with Jason, which was fun (I love telling the story of "The Death of Sebastian"...discordian and sylvaine2001 know what I'm talking about!). All in all, it was great to see you again, Jayne...keep in touch!

Slid over to the Bad Juju Lounge for a couple drinks with Bjorn (kespernorth), and spent most of the time talking about our respective relationships. All the luck you wish me, bro', I wish you back tenfold!
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