April 24th, 2002


Won't You Please Give?

I want to talk to you today about coma patients. You know, we still don't know what REALLY causes coma, or how to bring those in one out of it, or what is really going on. Comas are a complete mystery to us. Well, I think that's sad.

With all the technological advancements we have, we should have more info than this. Maybe it's just a case of that technology and associated funds being shoved somewhere else. In the hopes that coma patients everywhere get the help they so truly deserve, I am taking a stand and doing something about it.

Be a voice for someone who cannot speak! Getting someone to sponsor you for an hour of sleep is money towards coma research. Even a catnap can get a few bucks, and, for those of us that have been in training for years, this is the chance to let those skills show, and powersleep for an entire day, while the pledge money rolls in! On May 4th, we show our support!

Feel free to post this banner on your site or journal, and show your support of the cause. Just link it back to here, so others can join us! Be sure to let me know, in the comments, you are doing so, so I can keep a roster!

"We Snooze So They Won't Lose!"

RIP Linda Lovelace

Laugh if you like, but I am saddened by the news that Linda Lovelace has died. I'm sure her crusade against exploitation will continue in her absence, but it has lost quite the spokesperson, and quite the warrior.

And, besides...every guy, growing up in my time, was inspired to many a fun dream, etc., by her.
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